This Dh600,000 electric vehicle hit the dunes in Dubai –

This Dh600,000 electric vehicle hit the dunes in Dubai


Dubai: Until recently, the drift of a vehicle in the desert has been the exclusive domain of the powerful four-wheel ICE.

No longer, apparently, with the entrance of the Tesla Model X equipped with a huge 90 kilowatt battery pack.

When it comes to off-road, it is the large 4×4 with powerful internal combustion engines (ICE) that govern here.

Well, this Tesla Model X seems to have emerged as a challenge to the supremacy of ICE in the desert – overcoming the quicksand while the driver did some incredible tricks.

It was not immediately clear who was behind the wheel of this black crossover accelerating its all-electric powertrain.

the video, the model X P90 DL with all-wheel drive kicked fine sand as it went.

The use of all-terrain SUVs has increased: as well as driving in winter, but this could be the first example of an X model drifting in the desert.

In the past, numerous Tesla owners had uploaded videos showing their luxury electric vehicles on snowy terrain.

It was the Tesla Owners Club of Saudi Arabia sent to the online EV magazine the video that shows model X drifting off the road in the desert.

The first 50 of the 200 Teslas were recently launched in Dubai as part of the airport's luxurious fleet of limousines. [19659002] Tesla opened its Dubai store in July, where it also has its own service center. However, Electrek reported that the EV manufacturer based in Fremont, California, has yet to launch officially in Saudi Arabia, where the cost of fuel is one of the cheapest in the world.

The magazine wrote that it was "impressed" with the footage.

A later model, the Model X P100 D, is even more powerful, and has a list price of $ 159,000 (approximately Dh596,000).

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