This Crusader Kings 3 Mod adds … Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater?

Freestyle skating and global politics have a lot in common: When you pull big moves you feel like the king of the world, but it muffs and you can barely crash. It is only natural, then, that Crusader Kings 3 and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 come together in a new CK3 mod, ‘Tony Hawk’s Pro Crusaders 1 + 2’. In the most radical rewriting of history, it also lets your rulers be skaters and hits the park like a royal court – but will you sk8 or die?

The creator of the mod explains: “My friend Gary couldn’t decide whether to play Tony Hawk or the Crusader Kings 3, so I created this mod to help him.”

This is one of the best reasons I have heard to make a shaft mod. This is the work of Petter Willberg, who worked on Crusader Kings 3 (and told the story of the party baron).

Available from CK3’s Steam Workshop, Tony Hawk’s Pro Crusaders 1 + 2 allows rulers to take on a new lifestyle tracker. Kill the skatepark and both of you can hone your skills and relieve some stress. It also combines skating-related events, going from the world’s first 900 to competing against skating-related rivals.

An encounter with an opponent at the skatepark in the Oki Hawk Pro Crusaders 1 + 2 Mod.

“Genghis Khan emerges as skate legend,” Wilberg also notes in the mod’s feature list. “Genghis would never attack a fellow skater.”

Fingers crossed the Pope’s decree that heaven is half-pipe.

Watch on youtube

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