This COVID Complication May Never Go Away, NIH Director Warns

Collins said the NIH is working to understand how the virus can cause illness that some people don’t recover from in the way their bodies are supposed to. “What is it? Has it hurt the body from some kind of blood clotting problem due to an immune system problem that has gone haywire? We really don’t know,” Collins said.

The NIH will follow long-haul carriers of COVID for months, and possibly even years, to try to understand long-lived COVID, Collins said. Long COVID becomes even more difficult to understand because carrier experiences do not follow a common pattern. While some are sick at first, others don’t show symptoms until weeks later, he explained.

NBC News Correspondent Stephanie gosk He explained, “The hope is that identifying the cause will help treat the symptoms.” However, he noted that if the problems are related to the brain, the prospects are not promising. Avindra Nath, MD, a senior researcher at the NIH, told him that while the brain can repair some damage, it cannot repair all of them. And looking for signs that it could be a long-lived carrier, Dr. Fauci just said that this is the tell-tale sign that you have had COVID for a long time.

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