This car charger lets you control Google Maps using nothing but voice commands

Voice commands have been behind the wheel for a while, as they come as factory-installed technology not only in some cars, but also as part of the mobile experience on Android and iOS.

But the GoVoce VC100 promises a completely different approach, as it is essentially a car charger that connects to Siri and Google Assistant so you can do everything hands-free.

The device, which comes with two 3.4A USB ports to charge your devices, can work with both iPhones and Android devices and can support all types of voice commands, depending on your assistant’s feature lineup There are parts, which include setting up navigation, making phone calls. , Or playing music.

How it works is very simple. The VC100 connects to the digital assistant running on your phone, whether it is Siri or Google Assistant, and then instructs it to do something according to your voice command.

Why not use and stick your phone directly with this charger? This was also my first question.

The company that invented this charger states that it is especially useful when the phone is not in a place where it can be accurately determined what you are saying.

In addition, the VC100 comes with a built-in noise cancellation to listen to you while listening to music, as well as distant voice recognition for up to 5 meters of work. It also provides support for offline voice commands, two USB chargers, and connecting to your FM radio to convert your car stereo into speakers without Bluetooth.

There is no companion app that should be installed on a mobile device, so you plug the charger into your car’s power socket and start using it.

The GoVoce VC100 is currently listed on Kickstarter where it expects to receive some $ 6,450 as crowdfunding support before entering mass production. At the time of writing, the project has only raised a little over $ 700, but the campaign still has 42 days left.