This a cappella group is very good at copying Windows sound effects

If you’ve ever used Windows 10 before, I need you to stop what you’re doing and visit a cappella group to hear the awesomely accurate cover of Windows sound effects on it.

No Windows noise was spared here. The compilation includes Windows Vista startup themes (remember this?), Recycle Bin Crunch, Windows XP shutdown tone, and more. But the two segments that are incredibly spot-on are the “USB in” and “USB out” noises, which come in about 10 seconds. If I closed my eyes, you could explain to me that they were the real deal. Also, the error message straight-up stresses me out. It is haunting

But don’t take my word for it – watch the video yourself.

The group behind this video is a Korean band called Mytri. She has found several other cover videos on Instagram, including an excellent rendition of Ariana Grande’s “Position”.

I use Windows 10 every day and constantly experience some of these sound effects – they have become so common that they don’t register when I hear them. When I saw the title of this video, I thought “Windows 10 sound effects?” Actually? To cover all things? “But such videos are a strange reminder that these operating systems are also auditory experiences. And even the most basic have a level of sound effects, which is extremely impressive for a group of human voices to replicate.

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