Third world war: EE. UU Start a “realistic combat exercise” at the door of Kim Jong-un | World | News –

Third world war: EE. UU Start a “realistic combat exercise” at the door of Kim Jong-un | World | News


The five-day military exercise takes place between US and South Korean forces as tensions mount in World War III.

The Ministry of Defense of South Korea said: "It is destined to improve the climate, day and night The United States Air Force added:" The realistic air combat exercise is designed to improve interoperability between US forces and of the Republic of Korea, and to increase the combat effectiveness of both nations. . "

The drills were planned in advance and are not carried out in response to Kim Jong-un's latest menacing missile test.

The large number of soldiers and resources involved in the drills make them the second United States and South Korea.

Six F-22 Raptors, six F-35As, two B-1B Lancer bombers, six Growler EA-18G aircraft, F-15C and F-16 aircraft participate in joint military service. exercise.

South Korea also disp fought against the F-15K, KF-16, FA-50 and F-5 fighters.

The exercises include the simulation of attacks against North Korean targets and other simulations surrounding scenarios of Times of war.

North Korea said this week that the United States "Calling for nuclear war" by holding the war games with South Korea at the door of Kim Jong-un.

North Korea claimed that the exercise is preparation for an invasion, claiming that it is also high It is provocative and worthy of a fiery response. [19659002] The Vigilant Ace exercises will take place until December 8. We will see US and South Korean forces flying over eight air bases throughout the peninsula.

US military leaders said the exercises were "regular" and not a direct threat to Kim Jong – a hermit state.

A spokesman for the US Army UU He said: "Vigilant Ace 18 highlights the old military partnership, the commitment and the lasting friendship between two nations.

" It is designed to guarantee peace and security in the Pení sula, and reaffirms the commitment of EE. UU with stability in the northeastern region of Asia. "

But Kim himself has condemned the drills, describing them as an" extremely dangerous nuclear bet ".

The Foreign Ministry of the rogue State said:" The team of Trump is calling for a nuclear war by organizing an extremely dangerous nuclear play on the Korean peninsula.

"Obviously, the facts show who is the real maniac of nuclear war and the 'nuclear demon' that disrupts and destroys peace on the Korean peninsula and the world.

" If the Korean peninsula and the world are involved in the crucible of nuclear war due to the reckless mania of the US nuclear war. U.S., the USA UU They must accept full responsibility for it.

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