Thinking of LeBron James as the fourth professional sports team from Cleveland: Doug Lesmerises

CLEVELAND, Ohio – There will not be a parade, but Cleveland's sports won something this year. Several things.

Cleveland won the "Most Entertaining Superstar to take his team to the championship round", apologizing to Alexander Ovechkin of Washington Capitals and his Stanley Cup tour.

Cleveland won "The best athlete who was sabotaged by A "Teammate confused in the final seconds of a crucial game. "

Cleveland won" Most accomplished 15-year veteran to play all regular-season games and virtually every postseason minute. "

Championships are the ultimate goal – rings, trophies and parades are the best rewards. But the world is full of images of sunsets and mountain tops, roads and footprints of sandy beaches, all under the variations of the saying: "It's not about fate, it's about travel."

What about put a little courage in winning the trip?

In Cleveland for the past four years, and especially this year, no one won the trip as LeBron James.Cavs fans should claim a championship in that.

Enraise LeBron is like rooting for a team in itself, James is the leader of the Cavs and the soul of the Cavs, but James won the trip this year, while his own team sometimes felt more like an impediment than a mate, after d the exchange of Kyrie Irving, and then the exchanges of half of season that followed, the fanatics could take root to James and feel badly by him.

He was the Cavs, while he was also a victim of the Cavs. [19659002] When the NBA Finals looked bleak after James scored 51 and the Cavs failed in Game 1, you knew the Cavs were in trouble. They were in trouble before the series. Of course, Cleveland fans had hopes of a reversal, or something like a basketball miracle.

But there was also something else to root: LeBron.

That was, of course, part of supporting the Cavs. But it could also be separated from that. You dragged down moments of greatness and proof that while the Warriors were the best team, James was the best player.

You have rooted the device. But if that was not going to work, you could take root for the individual. You dragged the Cavs to their destination, but when it became clear that they would fall short, you took root in the journey.

That can be difficult when focusing on both the legacy and the search for rings. Sport is a destination business. But entertainment is a travel business.

Maybe you care if a TV show, a movie or a song wins an Emmy, an Oscar or a Grammy. But your favorite songs and who you love as artists and actors, those things are not determined only by who walks on a stage with a dress or tuxedo and grabs a trophy.

Especially in an NBA where the Golden State Warriors have established themselves at the top of the mountain, you must be willing to win the trip.

When James returned to the Cavs four years ago, he did it to bring a championship to northeastern Ohio. He could not do it alone, so supporting him and supporting the Cavs was one and the same.

You have everything, the trophy and the joy of seeing the best player of this generation. You have the destination and the trip.

But now?

If James stays, fans should accept that there are four professional sports teams in Cleveland: the Browns, the Indians, the Cavs and LeBron. [19659002] The Browns could be on the rise. The Indians are still legitimate contenders of the World Series. But the Cavs, even with James back and even with some other moves, have an almost impossible task if you only think about destiny. Almost the entire NBA is trapped in the same Warriors website.

So, if James returns, will you only see it as a success if the Cavs win another title? Or is there another way of looking at it, another way that has already been used?

James is something to take root for himself. This is not even a discussion of whether the Cavs fans could or should support James on his new team if he leaves. That will be worth examining if it happens.

This is a return of James, and what James has already done in his 11 seasons here.

The Cavs, as a team, reached the final destination once. But James, in almost every game, and in almost every season, won the trip.

How could someone look at James' 11 seasons in Cleveland and see it as a failure just because there has been only one title? Are you going to throw 849 regular-season games and 152 other postseason games – that's 1,001 times in the Cavaliers' uniform – because of a ring?

Those are footprints in the sand, people.

(This, of course, comes with the reminder of the mention "No rings" on the cover of The Plain Dealer when James left in 2010. But there has been a comeback, an end to the championship drought, a parade and eight years of perspective since then.)

It's already a team in itself in the way that people badume that James and his business partners and badociates really run the Cavs, and the way James aspires to do a lot more in the sports world and beyond. Continue and take root for Team LeBron.

And then ask what your goal is. It is not your destiny, but the objective of the day to day.

Excellence? Drama? Funny? Emotion? Power? Pride? Memories?

Even if Cleveland has only seen a parade, when it comes to that trip, have not you won more times than you can count?

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