Things to keep in mind when buying games and game hardware on Prime Day


Amazon Prime Day promises 48 uninterrupted hours of the best offers on the Internet. It's so big that Amazon even released a ridiculous Prime Day concert with Taylor Swift. Seriously. With almost unbeatable offers in games and game hardware, and we have some tips that you will want to keep in mind when buying.

Keep in mind for what console the game is.

If you are a parent who wants to surprise your child with a gift, please please keep in mind for what console the game you are buying is. The fact that it is available in several consoles does not mean that the specific copy that you buy will work in several consoles. Games listed for the PlayStation 4 only PlayStation 4. Games listed for Xbox One. only Work on Xbox One. I think you can understand where this is going. It seems self-explanatory, but it's still a mistake when you're not familiar with video games.

If it's easier for you, a blue case or band on top means it's meant for PlayStation. A green box or band on top means that it is meant for Xbox One. Nintendo Switch games will have a red icon in the upper left corner that says "Nintendo Switch."

No PS4 digital games on Amazon

Do not expect to find digital codes for complete PlayStation 4 games on Amazon. The complete PlayStation policy prevents retailers other than the PlayStation itself from selling complete digital games. If you are looking for a PS4 digital game on Amazon, you will only find that they are currently listed as "not available".

Compare prices

Other retailers such as GameStop, Best Buy and Walmart are already preparing to compete with Amazon for Prime Day with discounts on games and hardware in advance. The Game Game Game Game summer sale, in particular, takes place from July 7 to 20, with savings of up to 50% in the most popular games. Walmart is offering a PS4 Pro console now for $ 350 instead of its MSRP or $ 400. You should always check with other retailers for Amazon deals outside of the game or accessory you were looking for.

Watch for external hard drives

This is something that many people may not think about immediately because it is not directly badociated with a game console like a controller would be. With the increasing size of video game downloads over the years, it is important to obtain additional storage for when the console runs out of space. Good hard drive brands to look for are Seagate and Western Digital. PlayStation 4 supports up to 8 TB or external storage. The minimum capacity for external storage is 250GB.

Look for PlayStation Plus discounts

A PlayStation Plus usually costs $ 60 / year, but Prime Day will probably have it for much less. Definitely stay tuned for offers like this. You can buy PlayStation Plus now and just have the additional time stack in your current subscription, or just save it for when your subscription is about to end. Although PS Plus memberships come as digital codes, Amazon can still carry them because the subscription is exempt from the PlayStation policy that restricts the sale of digital games.

Buy lesser-known brands

Now is the perfect time to buy lesser-known brands with the least amount of risk involved. Why not buy the headset or the driver with an 80% discount, even if it's from a company you've never heard of? Or maybe you've heard less stellar opinions, but you want to try it for yourself. No two experiences are the same. Buy something cheap so you do not regret taking that step. And who knows, you can find a brand that will be maintained in the future.

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