These 3 companies will be Robinhood stocks in 2021

A whole new generation of investors have taken the Robinhood brokerage app by storm. This is a distinction of what is considered a “Robinhood stock” for a company – one of the most popular 100 stocks on the platform.

Long before Robinhood became available, the Motley Fool CAPS service offered a similar approach to weighing in on the most popular stocks for our investment community. The stock-picking game allows members to take stock to exit or weaken the market. The CAPS then collects all views of the entire community with one rating. A five-star rating makes a stock the cream of the crop, while a star goes to stocks that are among the worst welcomed in our investment community.

As most investors know, the key to success is to find the top stocks before achieving mainstream popularity. With this in mind, here are three growth stocks that are not yet on the Robinhood Top 100 list, but which have received a five-star rating on Mott Full Cap. Don’t wait to see – because they may well be on the Robinhood list before you know it.

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1. Exxon Enterprise

Exxon Enterprise (NASDAQ: AAXN) Best known for his taser stun-gun, and this initially attracts the attention of silly members at CAPS. The stock has garnered around 1,600 active picks, and had a whopping 94% positive recommendations on them, so Exxon has earned its five-star rating. Its stock has more than doubled in price in the last 12 months.

Exxon has overtaken Tasser to adopt a more complete selection of technology critical to law enforcement uses. The company’s body cams and vehicle cams have become increasingly necessary for use in police inspections and court proceedings. Exxon has also come up with a digital cloud-based evidence management platform, designed to help agencies track the information gathered for use in prosecutions.

The future is bright for Exxon. The company is exploring more cutting-edge applications, such as building artificial intelligence capabilities and sending services to its offerings. Exxon’s revenue represents just 2% of its addressable market. This is a great development for the body-cam maker.

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2. Magnite

Magnet (Nasdaq: MGNI) The demand for programmatic advertising services on a large scale has increased, and it is paying off for shareholders. The stock has more than tripled over the past year, and remains a firm favorite among Motley Fool Cap members. Out of 369 pix, Magnite has convinced everyone, but three of them have given the stock a rating that it will improve the broader stock market.

Magnet operates a service that generates revenue by inviting advertisers to websites, applications and publishers of connected TV content platforms on their platforms. Its supply side model is essentially a mirror image Business desk (NASDAQ: TTD) Advertising agencies are helped to find places to post advertising material.

The recent explosion in the amount of connected TV programming and other available advertising space has given magnets a unique opportunity to grow with the markets they serve. If advertising spending picks up along with the broader economy, supply-side advertising can easily move forward for the platform.

3. Shockwave Medical

Last year has been kind to shareholders Shockwave medical (NASDAQ: SWAV), As the stock has more than tripled since last January. The medical device manufacturer is a leader in intravascular lithotripsy technology, which is used to help patients suffering from atherosclerotic heart disease. The device helps to simplify medical procedures, reduce complications and reduce patient trauma while reducing costs.

The Shoclave is still building its own on the Motley Fool Cap, but early pickers such as they look. Of those rating the stock, 180 out of 182 think it will outperform the market.

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved Shockway’s platform to treat certain diseases, but the company hopes its use may be far more widespread. Investors may want to look more closely as Shockway goes through more clinical trials and seeks FDA approval for a wider range of treatment indications.


Robinhood investors prefer stocks that have strong growth potential and have performed well. Shockwave, Magnite, and Axon fit the bill, making them prime candidates for 2021 to be the next Robinhood stock.

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