There will be no Yakuza ads on PSX this year –

There will be no Yakuza ads on PSX this year


Haruka, no !!!!

During the inaugural PlayStation experience in 2014, viewers received the incredible gift of the announcement that Yakuza 5 would be located in the west. The following year, Sony confirmed that Yakuza 0 would decorate the western consoles and, in 2016, we were confirmed that would arrive Kiwami and 6 . Whether intentional or not, PlayStation Experience has become synonymous with Yakuza .

So imagine my pain when I discovered that the PSX 2017 will not include anything related to Yakuza . Announced during an official live broadcast of Yakuza 0 Sam Mullen and Scott Strichart (localization producers of Sega of America) confirmed the terrible news for all Yakuza fans . Even though I'm sad, I can definitely understand why.

The two most recent Ryu Ga Gotoku studio games are Kiwami 2 and The Fist of the Pole Star both have not yet released in Japan. While Kiwami 2 is not far away (it is released on December 7), Sega would not be able to show anything from a location. They could announce a plan to translate these games, but we would still be waiting at least 12 months before we could play anything. It makes more sense to save that for next year.

Mullen and Strichart rebadured at least the fans that 2018 will be a "big year" for Yakuza so I'm sure we'll get it. some kind of surprise after Yakuza 6 is released . I can not imagine that Sega would simply stop after bringing 6 west, so I still hope Kiwami 2 .

No Yakuza announcement in PSX 2017, 2018 will be a "great year" for Yakuza [Reset Era]

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