There were always two Captain America in the MCU (Theory of the Final Game of the Avengers)


The story of Two Captain Americas in the Marvel cinematographic universe, as seen during the end of the Avengers game

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Traveling in time can be a complicated thing. There have been many stories about people who have gone to the past to influence the future and there have been so many different sets of rules about how time travel is supposed to work. The comic stories are not beyond a journey in time and their film counterparts have followed their example.

In the epic conclusion of the Infinity saga of Marvel Cinematic Universe, Avengers: Endgame, time travel played a key role in undoing Thanos' death blow. This meant that the Avengers not only visited their past adventures, but, thanks to a confusion that involved Hulk and Loki, they also managed to create some alternative timelines, as the Elder explained. One of the big commotions in Endgame was when Steve Rogers deviated at the end of his quest to return the stones to their original places in time. That last trip was to fulfill a promise he made in 1945 to Peggy Carter to return and have that dance that was lost when he saved the world from Hydra for the first time. But did he create another reality in which he could marry Peggy Carter or in reality there were two Capitans Americas simultaneously in the MCU all the time? Let's see how Captain America managed to coexist with a retired Steve Rogers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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