There is purple in the future of the Galaxy S9 – BGR –

There is purple in the future of the Galaxy S9 – BGR


All Samsung flagship Android phones come in a variety of colors, and that's something Galaxy S and Galaxy Note fans expect. Sadly, those colors are not all available at the launch, since Samsung has a certain way of doing things.

Users can choose from a limited number of colors at launch, and in the following months, Samsung launches other options. The same will probably happen with the Galaxy S9 next year, and a new report sheds more details on the initial color offers.

According to the sources of SamMobile the Galaxy S9 can be available in four colors at launch, including the expected options of black, gold and blue, but also a purple model.

Some rumors of the Galaxy S8 said in the spring that the phone will be sent in a violet or purple option, but Samsung never released that version. However, it launched the pink, blue and red Galaxy S8 in the months after the phone was launched. The red option has just been launched, and while it is a great color, it is not available in all the markets where Samsung's flagship products are sold.

Color is the last thing on my mind when I buy a new phone. However, other buyers, including Galaxy S fans, can value color options above all else. They may have a difficult choice to make. Buy the phone during the pre-order period to have access to all the advantages that Samsung offers to the initial buyers, or wait a few additional months for the desired color option.

The Galaxy S9 should be presented next year at CES or MWC, the most important fairs of the year. Samsung has not yet announced any press event for any consumer electronics event.

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