There is no season 2 of the Coby Smulders series – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: It will come as a shock to Stumptown Fans. Coby Smulders’ breakout series, which was renewed for a second season in May, will not proceed with season 3 orders. The studio behind the show, ABC Signature, plans to buy it and find a new home for it, I hear.

Stumptown The Fall 2020, announced in June, was part of the ABC schedule, which reverted to the previous season’s occupied Wednesday 10pm slot. According to sources, a timing issue related to the production start delay made it impossible for the show to prepare for a launch launch when the network needed scheduling for the 2020-21 season. As a result, the network decided not to go ahead with the newly launched new season.

‘United We Fall’ was canceled by ABC after one season

The series, which films in Los Angeles, did not begin production and did not begin calling for Season 2 this week. I heard that the coronavirus epidemic played a major role in the delay, but the end of season 1 was related to the extra time needed to get the script in good shape after the series changed creative direction with a Schröner change. As a result, Stumptown’s season 2 was not ready until April 2, the end of the broadcast season. I was heard this afternoon about the cast and crew decision

The well-received action dramedy is the latest series to suffer COVID-related production shutdowns, which broke the schedule and led the network to overturn pickup decisions. They include society And I’m not okay with this More on netflix Forgive me In TBS.

As a high-end drama, Stumptown Already a TV script topped the budget for the series. Additionally, with extensive stunts, extensive location shoots and romances, Stumptown The series most affected by COVID-related restrictions is the series, leading to limiting such scenes and increasing significant budgets.

One of last season’s most anticipated new series, Stumptown Quickly developed strong fan followings and emerged as a powerhouse in digital and delayed viewing.

Based on a graphic novel series after veteran Dex Pario, it starred stars such as Coby Smulders, Jake Johnson, Tentu Cardinal, Cole Sibus, Adrian Martinez, alongside Kerry Mannheim and Michael Elia. Produced and executed by Jason Richman, David Burned, Ruben Fletcher, Greg Ruckka, Matthew Southworth and Justin Greenwood.

Check out Didline’s IGTV interview with Smulders after the series’ season 1 finale, where they discuss the plans for season 2: