There is no evidence that electronic cigarettes are reducing smoking rates, ARFNZ


Electronic cigarettes are not the magic solution to turn off the use of tobacco cigarettes, according to some experts, according to the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ.

The foundation cautions the public that there is no reliable evidence of how healthy they are or that the use of electronic cigarettes would reduce the number of people who smoke normal tobacco cigarettes after comments made by a professor at Mbadey University. that smokeless products such as vapes would reduce the number of smokers.

The medical director of ARFNZ and president of the Thoracic Society Stuart Jones said he was aware that some people struggling to quit smoking found it easier to switch to electronic cigarettes. However, he said that electronic cigarettes should only be available to those people who could be part of a cessation program.

Electronic cigarettes are electrical devices that replicate real cigarettes by heating a solution (e-liquid) to produce a vapor. 19659005] "But what we do not want is for our younger generation of New Zealanders to use electronic cigarettes or vaping thinking they are not harmful, we just do not have enough information about the long-term effects of these products," Jones said. .

The opinion of ARFNZ was in line with the Forum of International Respiratory Societies (FIRS) that wanted a review of health and safety claims regarding electronic nicotine delivery devices.

Marewa Glover, professor of public health at Mbadey University, told Newshub last week believed that smoking rates would decrease if New Zealand followed the example of the UK and encouraged smokers to switch to steamers by subsidizing them.

"These new smokeless products that are much less harmful, are like a fire to rch, you give each one one, put them on top of the glacier and we would see it melt much faster," he told Newshub.

The Ministry of Health is currently monitoring the absorption of e-cigarettes, the health impact at the individual and population level, including the long-term effects and how successful they are in helping people quit smoking.

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