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There is no collision between Earth and the planet Nibiru, say NASA scientists

Many people think that Nibiru is a planet outside of our solar system. A shocking fact related to this is that conspiracy theorists say that at some point it will attack Earth and destroy humans.

The incident should have happened in 2011 or 2012, but if we are still here, it is clear that the people who spoke about this conflict are wrong.

NASA astronomer and researcher David Morrison believes that the imminent collision event is an example of how false news affects society.

People who seem to believe in this theory see too many deceptive videos and visit unreliable websites.

Therefore, prefer to embrace the theory of the day of the final judgment than to ask some professionals and try to better understand the situation.

According to Morrison, there are 2 million websites that talk about the upcoming collision of Nibiru with Earth.

Unfortunately, discussing this issue is not the best idea, because many young people panic at the thought that the world is about to end, so they eventually even think about suicide.

Every day, Morrison receives approximately 5 emails and asks the same thing: When did the collision happen? Another problem is related to the fact that those who want to kill people due to imminent collisions are very young (around 11 years old).

In 1995, a mysterious planet collided with Earth and there was no idea of ​​any trace of life on our planet.

Since then, there is no evidence to support this theory because it has been shown that Nibiru does not even exist. Also, there are no other large planets outside of our solar system.

The scientists came to the conclusion that the only basis known as the Day of Judgment was the concept promoted by the Mayan calendar: 2012 meant the end of the world. [19659002] Morrison suggested that people interested in astronomy should look up information in the news media and not panic about what they read online.

He mentioned that parents should be more careful and pay attention to what children are looking for and reading online, because there are too many frauds and children are easily cheated.

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