There is a massive dispute between Mississippi State and Tulsa at the end of the Armed Forces Bowl


The Armed Forces Bowl between Mississippi State and No. 24 Tulsa was largely headed to the Bulldogs’ 28-26 victory. However, after the final whistle, when there was a feud between the two teams, things turned ugly.

Tension was high since the afternoon. The two teams were juggling each other before kickoff and there was some silence during the game. It is difficult to say what happened after the game, but the punches started flying and then things got out of hand.

Here’s how the fight unfolded – which ESPN initially cut back in realtime after going back to studio coverage. The fight lasted for several minutes as a coach and some law enforcement officers on the field tried to break it up.

One of the worst moments caught on camera occurred when Mississippi State wide receiver Malik Heath kicked a Tulsa player who was on the ground below.

Unfortunately, this was not a suffering situation. Golden Hurricanes defenseman Kandrin Ray had to help him out of the field after he was clearly injured during a ground injury. Tulsa coach Philip Montgomery said after the game that he believed Ray was hurt.

When asked about the fight by ESPN in a post-game interview, Mississippi State coach Mike Leach said his message to the team was “Don’t do it now. It’s just dumb,” but then added, “Out of it.” There was something. Doing stuff back and forth during the game. ”

“It’s a football game, so we’re not going to tear clothes on this deal; somebody went to a football game and somebody got killed.”

Montgomery did not want to comment on the subsequent game of the controversy.

No event has officially commented on the post-game controversy, but given that it was a terrible moment for everyone involved, one would have to make a statement, and perhaps some disciplinary measures, once out of the dust Will deal with

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