If you’re waiting for a sale to pick up your own smart display, there’s never been a better time than now. Select Walmart stores are currently offering Nest Hub in their choice of chalk or charcoal for just $ 49 – a savings of $ 41 compared to the current Google Store price, and $ 80 off MSRP.

Most of you are probably familiar with the Nest Hub by now, but for those who are not, you can think of it as a smart speaker with a 7-inch tablet. It can answer questions, control smart devices, stream music and video, show you news, and even if you use it as a Chromecast target. Can also show you YouTube and Netflix content. It does not have a camera, which can be a supporter and a thief depending on your perspective on video chatting and security.

The Nest Hub is technically sold on Walmart’s website, so you’ll have to use the third-party inventory checking website BrickSec to check for stores near your zip code that have these in stock. Bricksec shows four stores near me that have several in stock at the $ 49.00 price point, but keep in mind that Bricksec’s inventory levels may not be 100% accurate. The deal seems to be quite extensive at the moment, but we would expect that once more the availability decreases, people will catch the air of this discount, so if you are interested you may have to act quickly.