There are more images of Falcon & Winter Soldier

* pumping the bass line *

* pumping the bass line *
Screenshot: Marvel Studios / Disney +

Regrets? I have one. In Myself summary of the last episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, I forgot to mention one of the best moments. Of course, I’m talking about the Baron Zemo dance.

It is a very small moment. Just one shot. But of course people clung to it and has been making gifs and memes, the whole thing. And it turns out that there are more actors Daniel Brühl cutting a carpet while the ex supervillain who can, or not, take a turn.

“It was a long dance,” said the actor. Weekly entertainment. “There is more, but they cut this little moment [for the show]. “

Um. Hello? Wonderful? We want ALL PHOTOGRAPHS OF ZEMO DANCING.




Get it Baron!
Gif: Marvel Studios / Disney +

Head over to the EW link to read more from the actor about the character’s surprising new twist, and come back here Friday for our recap of the latest episode.

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