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Theory of the end of the game that could really come true – BGR


Marvel has many heroes, all with special qualities and powers that can be used for good and evil. And many of them are already worthy members of the Avengers team, or are about to join the team of heroes who are in charge of Earth's defense. But just because we have so many heroes does not mean they know everything. Some of them may have no idea who the other Avengers are. Similarly, the Avengers do not always know if new people with super powers are good or bad. That's why the following fanatics theory could really come true when Avengers: end of the game It opens this April.

Reddit user AdrammelechAeshma He published a collage of images that show us several battles of Avengers movies, wondering what Avenger match against Avenger we're about to witness in Avengers 4.

Marvel fans are already familiar with the confrontation between Iron Man and Captain America with Thor from the start. The Avengers movie. Similarly, in Age of Ultron, we had Tony Stark wearing that huge Hulkbuster suit to fight a confused Hulk. Then, in Avengers 4, we had a group of avengers, including Iron Man, Doctor Strange and Spider-Man, who faced the Guardians on Titan.

We have two types of fights here. Avengers will fight against anyone strong enough to pose a threat to Earth, even if they end up being friends in the end. Or we have the avengers fighting each other as part of a secondary plot. What is clear, however, is that Avengers Movies always bring us epic struggles among the avengers. And we're not even telling anything about what happened in Captain America: Civil Warbecause that was just politics at stake and those events did not take place in a Avengers movie.

Let's look at those fights again:

Iron Man and Captain America vs. Thor

Iron Man vs. Hulk

Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man against Star-Lord, Drax and Mantis

Looking at Reddit's post above, Reverse He suggested that it is Captain Marvel who is about to enter a fight when he introduces himself to the Avengers.

Think about it, as far as we know, nobody, except Nick Fury, is aware that Captain Marvel is coming to Earth to help save the day. That's because Fury called her right before dying himself in Infinity War, in the post-credits scenes of that movie. In addition, he never addressed his existence in any MCU movie to date, and Fury appeared in some of them. It is not clear why he has never mentioned it, and Captain Marvel will illuminate us even more about the relationship between Captain Marvel and Fury. But none of the current heroes seems to know about Captain Marvel. Or if not, they would have tried to contact her before.

Also, given what we have just witnessed in Infinity War, the remaining heroes are at the limit at this moment, probably ready to go to battle on a whim. Then, when Captain Marvel appears on Earth, they can try to shoot first and ask questions later. Of course, little know what awaits them.

Who will fight against Captain Marvel? If you look at the list of confrontations above, you will notice a common element there: Iron Man. But Tony Stark is stranded in space. It has no food or water, and is almost without air. He has been seriously injured on Titan, both physically and mentally, and his organs should fail soon. So it's not like he's capable of fighting, the Iron Man suit he was wearing Infinity War It is also significantly damaged. Stark needs to be rescued, and he needs it badly. That's where Captain Marvel could be useful.

But then, when he will appear on a planet Earth that is still reeling after Thanos's reaction, he may have to fight some of the remaining heroes. Captain America and Thor seem to be the appropriate opponents for her. Of course, we are only speculating on this point, since we have no idea how Captain Marvel will be presented to the rest of the Avengers. Captain Marvel Y Avengers: end of the game launch on March 8 and April 26, respectively.

Image source: Marvel Studios

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