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The ZTE Iceberg Concept Smartphone has two notches on the screen

ZTE's latest smartphone concept is codenamed Iceberg and has two display notches, with the top and bottom of its screen with a cutout each. The two renders of the device that can be seen in the gallery below have been recently published by iF International Forum Design, and ZTE tells the organization that it would take between 13 and 24 months to market the unconventional smartphone, provided it decides to move by with its release at all. The Chinese original equipment manufacturer probably has not yet given the green light to the project, but even if it does, the ZTE Iceberg will not be officially launched before 2019, according to the same source.

The phone uses a glass sandwich design to resemble a fragment of ice, with all four corners being completely transparent, thus giving the impression of a device encapsulated in a sheet of ice, while the "true" corners of the phone are curved in a very aggressive way. The upper notch of the ZTE Iceberg display features a front camera, a headset and a proximity sensor, while the lower cutout is also provided as a loudspeaker, with the phablet thus offering a dual stereo front configuration. The wireless charging support must also be part of the package, while the lower notch is not only designed to allow additional audio functionality, but has also been included in order to ensure a completely symmetrical appearance, something that is already equipped with notches. lack of phones.

The Shenzhen OEM, based in China, said the ZTE Iceberg would be aimed at consumers in Asia, Europe and North America in case it was marketed, but did not provide other details about the product. Last year, ZTE revealed what it claimed was the world's first folding smart phone in the form of Axon M and also hinted that its goal is to become the first OEM to deliver a 5G-enabled phone that will be launched before the end of 2018. , with the company that is likely to continue looking for more innovations from the industry in the future.

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