The world’s worst internet shutdown costs India $ 2.8 billion in 2020

400 million social media users are ready for anonymity in India

Photographer: Dheeraj Singh / Bloomberg

Internet shutdowns cost India $ 2.8 billion, topping the South Asian nation in the list of 21 countries that prevent citizens’ web access in 2020.

India – the second-most hit country by the Kovid-19 epidemic in terms of confirmed infections overall – accounts for three-quarters of the $ 4 billion lost worldwide to Internet curses. In comparison, this is more than double the loss 2019, a report by the UK-based Digital Privacy and Security Research Group revealed.

Some countries known to limit censored content such as the Internet and China and North Korea were not included in the report as researchers relied on publicly available open source information and documented Internet and social media shutdowns.

With 8,927 hours of blackout or curbed bandwidth access, India uses restricted internet more than any other nation, as the restrictions originally imposed in 2019 were continued during 2020, with the cost of the internet shutdown. Report issued by Top10VPN.

Blackout cost

The bandwidth The ban in Kashmir – where the government revoked the exclusive autonomous status of the country’s only Muslim-majority state in 2019 – affected access to drugs, businesses and schools, despite a seven-month long looseness ending In March, it said.

India’s Ministry of Information and Technology did not respond to emails seeking feedback on the report’s findings.

Internet blackout costs were calculated using indicators including groups world Bank, International Telecommunication Union and Delhi-based Software Independence Law Center. Its calculations include social media shutdowns.

Belarus suffered the most economic losses after India, affecting 218 hours of blackouts with $ 336.4 million and 7.9 million with heavy losses. Protests following a controversial presidential election. During the period of sanctions, the report documented a 650% spike in demand for virtual private networks in Belarus.

Myanmar imposed blackouts and throttle bandwidth for 5,160 hours in 2020 amid continuing restrictions in the Chin and Rakhine regions. Yemen suffered $ 237 million to 912 hours of internet disruptions.

According to the report, at 27,165 hours, the major Internet disruptions recorded in 2020 worldwide were 49% higher than the previous year and affected 268 million people. About 42% of shutdowns were associated with additional human rights abuses, including restrictions on freedom of assembly, interference in elections, and violations on freedom of the press.


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