The women's football team has found a new ally



The players of the National Soccer Team of the United States have a new ally in their fight for equal pay: Procter & Gamble. The multinational corporation, also a sponsor of the team, placed a full-page ad on Sunday. New York Times pressuring the governing body of American football "to be on the right side of the story". The announcement continued: "Inequality is more than just pay and players, it's about values." The manufacturer of the secret deodorant also donated $ 529,000 to the team's players badociation, a symbolic amount amounting to $ 23,000 for each of the 23 team players who participated (and won) the World Cup. Procter & Gamble is the first sponsor of the team to issue such a bold statement, but others have revealed their sympathies.

In May, Visa announced a new affiliation with the US Soccer Federation. UU That includes granting "at least 50%" of your investment to the women's team and related programs. Forbes reported at the time. And nutrition bar producer Luna Bar promised to award each of the US World Cup players an additional $ 31,250 to offset the difference in male team bonuses. On Sunday, team co-captain Megan Rapinoe called for greater corporate support in Meet the press: These "powerful corporations … have so much weight that they can throw," he said. "And I think they just need to feel comfortable throwing it away." (The battle for equal pay has led to new state legislation and proposed federal legislation).

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