The woman’s dangling face mask is cut off by the swan, taken back into place

This swan takes no chances when it comes to masks.

A video of a swan masking a woman’s throat in a park and then flaunting it on her face surfaced on social media over the weekend and has since gone viral. The footage shows the woman wearing her mask incorrectly and, incidentally, Hans is back in a semi-correct position.

The video was uploaded to Twitter by the user Anthony Sarti And appears to have happened somewhere in France. The footage showed the woman looking at the swan with her mask under her mouth.


As she gets closer, Hans moves forward, grabs the mask with his beak and then smashes it back at the woman’s face. While the mask ends up covering her mouth and nose (as it is supposed to), it also ends up covering her eyes, which is not necessary to slow the spread of coronavirus.

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The footage is captioned, “Wear your mask, we told you!”

The short clip has been viewed 25.7 million times since it was uploaded late last week. It has been retweeted over 83,000 times and received nearly 2,000 comments.

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According to the BBC report, recently France has seen an increase in the number of coronovirus cases.

While the country began loosening restrictions in the early summer months, it has designated 42 areas as “red areas”. Masks have strict requirements in these areas and large crowds of people are prohibited.