The woman smashes the window in NYC Popeyes because $ 4 The good evil offer does not come with soda

What you should know

  • Police are looking for a woman caught on video breaking a chair in the window of Popeye's restaurant in New York City, tearing her apart

  • Employees say she was angry because his $ 4 mishandling did not come with a soda

  • Anyone with information is asked to contact the NYPD

Police are looking for a woman caught in a surveillance video that shattered the front window of a Popeyes restaurant with a chair, apparently angry because his evil $ 4 The offer did not come with a soda.

It happened at a Popeyes on Forest Avenue in Staten Island on Sunday, according to police. The security video shows the woman turning the employees around, then picks up a poster and throws it away. Finally, use a chair to break a window.

An employee who did not want to be identified told News 4 that the client was extremely drunk and extremely angry because the good $ 4 deal did not bring a soda. The employees tried to explain that the agreement includes an order of evil chicken strips plus a companion, a whey cookie and dipping sauce, but does not include a soda. They told her that she was confused and that she might have been thinking about Wendy's $ 4 deal, but she was so furious that she could not reason with her, the employee said.

"I hope you find it, I do not want it in this store," said the employee.

The NYPD is asking for help in identifying the woman, last seen wearing a pink scarf, black jacket and jeans. The police believe that she is an adult woman between 18 and 25 years old, although the tantrum she threw on a soda suggests otherwise.

Anyone with information that communicates with Crime Stoppers is requested by calling 800-577-TIPS.


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