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The woman lived near the Brooklyn park where her torso was found

A dead woman whose dismembered remains were found scattered in a Brooklyn park lived just across the street from where her body parts were discovered, police said.

The police identified the recovered remains as 26-year-old Brandy Odom, although it was not yet clear how the young woman died or who was responsible.

A tattoo of the word "Chocolate" found on the girl's left breast helped police identify her, the sources said.

Odom lived with an aunt at the Bayview homes in Canarsie, just across from Canarsie Park, where his body was discovered in a bush of trees on Monday night, police said.

A woman walking her dog discovered Odom's head and his naked torso upside down and partially covered in leaves right next to a park trail near E. 86th St. and Seaview Ave. at about 6:10 p.m. said the police.

A prolonged search of the park on Tuesday showed the girl's arms, legs and other body parts inside plastic bags.

The city's medical examiner has not ruled on a cause of death but police sources said Odom may have been strangled.

The girl's face was swollen and bruised, the police said. Who dismembered his body cut his arms on the elbows. His legs were cut right under his buttocks, a source said.

Police told neighbors that the victim had the word "Chocolate" tattooed on one of their breasts.

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Brandy Odom, 26, was identified as the victim found in the park.

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When Odom's relatives heard this, they went to the 69th Precinct police station, fearing that the remains were theirs.

Odom's sister identified the remains on Tuesday night, police sources said.

A neighbor said that the NYPD detectives escorted a middle-aged woman, believed to be Odom's mother. and several children from the victim's apartment on Tuesday night.

A disconsolate relative inside the apartment declined to comment on Wednesday.

"Thanks for coming but we do not want to talk right now," said a woman through the peephole.

Neighbor Terell Hunter, 33, said he often saw Odom wearing a security guard uniform.

"She's a sweet girl," said Hunter, who has known Odom for six years. "I just had tears in my eyes when I heard"

"It's crazy," he added. "I can not believe what they did to that girl"

The park turned into a landfill remained closed Wednesday morning.

Police believe that the murder took place somewhere other than the park. The researchers believe that their remains were discarded in the park shortly before they were discovered.

No arrests have been made.

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Odom apparently avoided the problems, police sources said. The girl had been arrested once, in 2012, but the details of that case were not immediately available.

The relatives were baffled by Odom's creepy death.

"Brandy is a very smart and educated young woman," community advocate Tony Herbert said Wednesday, who is helping Odom's family at this difficult time. "Everyone is confused with what has happened and they hope that whoever is responsible will be brought to justice."

Odom's vigil is expected to take place in the park on Wednesday night.

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