The woman claims she was killed by an American Airlines flight for being black; The airline disagrees

Miami – A woman was kicked off an American Airlines flight and had to travel thousands of miles to get to where she was going.

He told Local 10 News ‘Lerone Livingston’ that he thinks it is a racial issue.

By its own terms of carriage, American Airlines states that “offensive clothing” is not allowed.

Arlinda Johns told Livingston that she boarded her flight wearing a mask. Because of what was written on him, he was asked to cover it. He has done.

Several minutes later, the plane she was on was about to take a U-turn, went back to the gate and he got off the plane.

“I think I got off the plane because I’m black,” Johns said. “My mask said ‘[F***] 12 ‘And my shirt said,’ Black Lives Matter. ‘

Most people know her as Trey, she is a South Florida activist. The facade is a reference to law enforcement.

“I’m an abolitionist,” he said. “I believe we need to save and eliminate the police.”

She explained that she was in her seat, wearing a new mask, when the flight attendant approached her again.

“He came back and stood up and said, ‘I better not see the other mask,” Johns explained. “I said, ‘Leave me alone, lady.’ She stood there, saying, “Okay, I took you.”

Johns said the flight attendant’s speed went to the front of the plane and then he took out his phone and started recording.

Minutes later, the plane returned to the gate and was ejected from the plane.

The airline’s spokesperson sent a statement to Local 10 stating that the plane was back at the gate, “Later [Johns] Refusal to follow crew member’s instructions to remove or cover face masks with offensive language. “

The airline says, “However [Johns] Initially complied with, [she] Later displayed inappropriate language. After arriving at the gate, the passenger was asked to get off the plane. “

Several officers escorted him through the airport and out the door.

“This is what American Airlines is doing, and that’s what happened to me,” he said.

Johns eventually had to rent a car and drive to Illinois. In response to one of all her tweets other than the airline, she said she has not heard from them.

However, she has spoken with a lawyer.

The airline said it is still looking into the incident, and it is returning an “unused portion” of the Johns ticket.

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