The Wisconsin Supreme Court kept the Green Party away from the presidential election and allowed ballots to be mailed in time

The Supreme Court in its 4-3 decision wrote, “We will be unable to provide meaningful relief without completely scrapping the election.”

Last week, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ordered local clerks to stop sending ballots – creating a deadlock that threatened to derail mail-in voting processes in the major battleground state. Wisconsin state laws require mail ballots to voters who asked for them until Thursday.

“The most likely case for current affairs is that municipal clerks have already sent hundreds, and more likely thousands, of those absentee ballots. Ordering the printing of new ballots would be an expensive and time-consuming process that counties would have. And will not allow municipalities. The Supreme Court on Monday asked for the statutory deadline to be met and sent.

The court split apart from the previous week when it intercepted mailing of ballots, with one conservative justice on Monday joining three liberals to form a majority.

The court said that local voters were ordered to include Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins in the ballot at this final stage, “This would create a substantial possibility of confusion among voters who may have already returned, and The original ballots were returned, ”the court said.

The Democrats ruling would claim as a win for their contender Joe Biden, as Hawkins could play a spoiler in a state that was one of the closest margins in 2016.

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