The Wisconsin pub serves free beer until the Packers score … so, yes, that exclusion cost them


At least there was no cost to some Green Bay fans drowning their sorrows.

Aaron Rodgers remains sidelined with a broken collarbone, and the Packers' offense hit bottom on Sunday against Baltimore, failing to score a single point in a home loss.

But that meant that some people could return the drinks throughout the game.

The Bavarian Bierhaus in Glendale, Wisconsin, has a promotion in games where they serve free beer until the Packers score. Then, when Baltimore blanked Green Bay, 23-0, that meant the tap did not close until the final bell.

"We served the first free initial beers and, historically, historically, we finished serving beer for free in the middle of the first trimester – Sunday's game did not work that way," general manager Scott Bell told the "As It Happens "by CBC Radio.

"So many people, when they came back after the break and in the third quarter, I really apologized for drinking my beer, hoping the Packers would score."

Bell said the bar ended up serving around 275-300 cups of free beer.

Those people owe Brett Hundley a drink.

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