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The winter weather warning continued throughout the Chicago area until at least mid-afternoon

2PM CST Update …

The Winter Weather Warning is valid for the entire Chicago area until mid-afternoon and may have to be extended during the sunset trip in at least part of the area ] although light snow / snowfalls are slowly decreasing from the west. As the low pressure center moves over Lake Michigan, the winds rise from the west, slowing down more than 20 miles per hour, which causes the drift / drift of the snow, especially on the northern roads / highways. south. Driving will remain difficult in these conditions for the rest of the afternoon.

Another snow band is expected to oscillate southeast of Wisconsin to northeastern Illinois and northwestern Indiana, with an additional snow accumulation likely in Lake and Cook counties in Illinois and Lake and Porter counties in Indiana . The Winter Storm Watch for intense lake effect snowfalls in Porter County, Indiana, is still in effect Tuesday / Tuesday night.


Update 6:45 AM CST …

The winter weather warning continues in effect until noon CST Monday in northeastern Illinois and northwestern Indiana, which includes the entire area of Chicago The accumulation of additional snow this morning will bring snow totals throughout the area in the range of 3 to 5 inches. The trip in the morning will be slow with slippery roads and covered with snow, if you travel, plan driving conditions and dangerous delays.

The low pressure center will continue eastward throughout the state of Illinois-Wisconsin. line this morning, moving over south of Lake Michigan this afternoon and then heading east through Lower Michigan tonight / Tuesday. The snow will continue along and ahead of the low pressure, gradually decreasing from the west when the associated cold front passes through a certain place and the winds change from south to west.

This afternoon / evening, another snow / snow band will move southeastward out of Wisconsin through our area with winds moving northwest. An inch or so could fall with the most intense snowfall that occurs in Lake and Cook counties (Chicago), Illinois. Tuesday's northwest winds will generate snow with lake effect in northwest Indiana. A Winter Storm Watch is in effect in Porter County, Indiana, where several inches of extra snow could accumulate until Tuesday night.

The cold air of Arctic origin will follow our area later tonight and during the night Tuesday, but the coldest pocket will turn around Chicago westward and then southward with chills in the areas further west and south on Tuesday morning in the range of -10 to -20 degrees. The cloud cover will reduce the effects of cold air closer to Chicago with chills of -5 to -10 degrees.


CHICAGO – Snow accumulation will spread over northeastern Illinois and northwestern Indiana this Sunday afternoon and is expected to continue through Monday with additional snowfall likely on Monday night through Tuesday .

Primary accumulations of 3 to 5 inches are expected later on Sunday and Monday morning with a slow and dangerous daily commute for those who work on Martin Luther King Day. Additional accumulations are possible here, especially to the north near the Illinois-Wisconsin state line and along the shore of Lake Michigan (including Chicago) later from Monday to Tuesday.

Low pressure will move southeast from Minnesota through southern Wisconsin in the east in Lower Michigan on Monday night through Tuesday. In our north, the heaviest 4 to 6 inch snowfall is expected to fall in Wisconsin with a further backlash of snowfall along the east coast of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin and northwest Indiana on Monday night through Tuesday .

development of this system of long-term storms to identify the most intense snowfall areas in the next 24 to 48 hours.

The following map shows the winter weather warning zones in purple and the winter storm warnings in pink.

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