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The Will County Health Department warns about synthetic cannabinoids

Regulatory Compliance Manager Armando Reyes of the Behavioral Health Division of the Will County Health Department says the manufacturing of man-made drugs can be traced back to the 1960s, when THC was isolated for the first time of marijuana.

Since then, especially in recent years, chemists, in both large and small operations, always seem to be one step ahead of law enforcement.

"The laws continue to change and chemicals continue to change," Reyes said in a statement. Press release. "Our information shows that in just the last half-dozen years, the dynamics of chemical decomposition in these products has been adjusted to the modified laws at least six times."

Once purchased, synthetic cannabinoids can be sprayed dried plant materials for smoking, or used as a liquid to be vaporized in electronic cigarettes or similar devices.

Although arrests have been made in response to these recent cases, arrests for synthetic cannabinoids sold that are proven to be illegal generally occur after someone is already injured.

"There is no quality control here," Reyes said in a press release. "And while marijuana and cocaine are natural products that are altered to be used as drugs, these artificial drugs are designed with the purpose of altering your mind and body."

Like standard illegal drugs, you can never be sure that the medication purchased is the desired drug. Marijuana, cocaine, heroin and others are often mixed with dangerous ingredients to stretch the supply or another product can completely be replaced.

For example, several years ago, victims who thought they were using heroin, ended up taking meat -drinking crocodile drug, which often dates back to Russia.

"It is never unusual for something to be put on the street for drugs or synthetic drugs like 'filler', increasing the supply with a variety of other substances," Will County The Director of Behavioral Health Department Health, Dr. Joe Troiani, in the photo above, said in a press release:


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