The Weeknd is a Throwing an Interactive Ticock Concert for His ‘After Hours’ Album

With the in-person event canceled, artists are bringing their talents online to entertain fans. The Weeknd is the latest to give music lovers the opportunity to take the show from home.

After releasing his new album After hours In March, he spent time on the interview circuit explaining the aesthetics and meaning behind the project. Now, The Weeknd is giving fans a way to see and feel the energy of their music in a virtual, creative format.

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The After Hour’s ‘After Hours’ scored high in streams and reviews

On March 20, The Weeknd dropped their fourth studio album, immediately topping Billboard in their debut. At the time of its release, it was the most successful album of 2020, having over 200 million streams and over 440,000 sales in its first week.

Fans liked this and are increasing the number this summer. Compared to Rolling Stone Review After hours Told about earlier works of The Weeknd, and noted that it was signed by everyone.

The magazine praised the project: “This vocal finesse is all over the album, and it reminds us that Tesfei is easily one of the most talented singers of his generation, which Al-Green did for love and happiness . “

Many sales of the album were made with tour tickets, but due to COVID-19, The Weeknd postponed the dates until 2021. Meanwhile, there is an option.

Get ready for a great virtual concert for ‘After Hours’

Tittock and The Weeknd are partnering to give “The Weekend Experience” a virtual reality live-streamed concert. According to a press release from TikTok, it will be an interactive event for fans that includes XR technology making it an “immersive experience”.

Through Tiktok’s first-of-its-kind virtual music experience, you’ll be imprisoned and suspended in space, while The Weeknd invites you into the terrible madness of their world, as seen through their own eyes. In addition, fans will have a chance to interact with The Weeknd as he takes the audience on an epic After hours journey.

The show is free, but proceeds from the merchandise sale will be donated to the Equal Justice Initiative, an organization dedicated to reducing imprisonment and mass torture.

How to watch Tiktok concert for The Weeknd

So, when is the big day? The Weeknd Experience goes down on August 7 at 5:30 pm PST / 8: 30 pm EST via live-stream on Tiktok’s official account. Fans will need to access Ticketock, as the show will air from within the app. RSVP by visiting the link to Wave VR here.

According to TikTok, fans are in for a treat. “WhatsAndExp gathered everyone from all walks of life to create mythical memories through a combination of selective hashtag challenges, creative effects, and one-viewing experiences.”

Prior to this, Wave hosted virtual reality concerts for singers such as John Legend and Tanache. Here is a sample of what they are doing below.

The Weeknd is encouraging its fans to sign up for the show and merchandise will be available to purchase from August 6 to August 10. 10. If you are a fan, follow him on social media or RSVP and make sure you don’t miss. Out on free After hours party.

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