The Weekend Update Remembers Trump’s “Greatest Moment In Office” – Deadline

Shanivari Night Live ‘Michele Che and Coleen Jost celebrated the final “Weekend Update” section about Donald Trump for the year, with Music Montaz listing the current president’s “greatest moments in office”.

SNL The segment compiled Trump’s infamous moments, while Seismonic’s somber number “Closing Time.” In a dramatic slideshow at the White House. Part of the video compilation was footage from a rally in which Trump token an African-American supporter, patting a paper towel to mock a hurricane of victims in Puerto Rico and a disabled journalist. Come Inauguration Day in 2021, President Elect Joe Biden and VP Election Kamala Harris will command the White House.

The “Weekend Update” anchors discussed several other topics, including the vaccine and the recent molestation of Tom Cruise about the Kovid-19 protocol. In an audio clip, Impossible Goal The actor can be heard yelling at crew members for violating coronovirus guidelines. While Buzz-worthy audio triggered a series of reactions, Che and Jost took the actor’s moment as a chance for what were supposed to be mock camera moves that Cruise used to take long on screen.

Che and Jost were too controversial for the other sections, ending their segment by exchanging jokes. Jokes about the black community and suspicions about the coronovirus vaccine to other jabs on topics including Disney + to ditch Sequel, Jost read one of Che’s which was very close to home.

A very punishing face The writer then told a joke about the problematic casting of Scarlett Johansson, the wife of Chester’s joster.

Check out the inaugural segment from the final weekend update of 2020, featuring the Trump montage above, and a jock swap below. .

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