The weekend reads: Demand for a retirement ‘utopia’

Sylvia Assarelli helps a couple who identify themselves as Orthodox Christians and are looking for a full-fledged small town by suggesting in Mississippi, Kentucky and Georgia.

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Another retirement concern:What if you are bored?

Joe Biden’s plan for 401 (k) accounts.

Tax proposals can be very complex, but Brett Arrinds has a clear explanation of what a plan to change the tax treatment of Joe Biden 401 (k) retirement account contributions can mean to you.

How to invest in the electric-car industry

Tesla TSLA has been dominated by financial headlines,
+ 0.37%
And stock volatility. But there are many other ways for investors to take advantage of the electric-vehicle revolution.

More Transportation Innovation:Companies are ready for the rapid growth in demand for e-bikes here

Jane Fraser, president of Citigroup and head of its global consumer bank, will become Citi’s new CEO in February.


A new CEO for Citi

Citigroup Inc C,
+ 0.09%
Jane Fraser said the bank’s president and head of its global consumer operations will become the bank’s chief executive in February, when current CEO Michael Corbett retires. Fraser will be the first female CEO of a major Wall Street bank. In a note to clients, Odeon Capital Group analyst Dick Bowe called Fraser “the perfect person to occupy Citigroup at the moment” because of his heavy involvement in fixing problems at various business units.

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Here is the real reason for people to renounce American citizenship.

If someone does not conduct a national election, they threaten to leave the US about celebrities because they do not want to do anything new. But a growing number of Americans living outside the country are deciding to give up their US passports. The reason may surprise you.

More on taxes:If you move across state lines, beware of this big tax headache.

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Saving for retirement – help your children or grandchildren get started by sacrificing almost nothing

Paul Merriman explains “how to buy 10 years of retirement” for a dollar a day.

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Mixed signals of stock market

Mark Hulbert explains that the current merger craze provides a warning to investors.

Vaccine update

Jaimy Lee presented the latest news about the seven COVID-19 vaccines being tested in the US

Hennessy fire on Wednesday, August 19, 2020 in Solan County, California, USA.


Climate change

A bipartisan report by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission lists various risks to the US financial system from climate change, and recommends a coordinated approach by innumerable federal agencies to solve the problem, including the carbon emissions tax.

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