The watchdog alleges that the Trump campaign illegally hid $ 170 million in spending

A nonpartisan watchdog filed a complaint with the Federal Election Committee (FEC) on Tuesday alleging President TrumpDonald John Trumpried: Attorney General William Barr’s written testimony by the House Judiciary Committee Barr feared the Democrats ‘outburst so that 22 people would face federal charges in connection with the Portland mailstand for Democrats’ efforts at an upcoming hearing.The law was broken by the “campaign” to spend $ 170 million to spend in an effort to conceal payments to those close to the Trump family and campaign.

The 81-page complaint filed by the Campaign Legal Center (CLC) alleges that the former Trump campaign manager Brad parsleyBradley (Brad) James Parslemore Trump used a “pass-through” company to pay downstream vendors, including campaign members, associates and family members.

“This illegal drain scheme leaves voters in the dark about the organizations working for the Trump campaign, the nature of their services and the full amount to be paid,” said CLC’s director of federal reform, Brendan Fisher. “We do not know all that is being hidden by this scheme, but we know that it violates the law.”

The CLC has called on the FEC to investigate and take action against the campaign to make payments through the American Med Media Holding Corporation (AMMH), the parent company that the Trump campaign allegedly used to hide payments .

Trump’s campaign told The Hill that it had done nothing wrong. Spokesman Tim Murtah said that AMMH “is responsible for arranging and executing media purchases and related services at fair market prices.”

“AMMC does not earn any commission or fees. This builds efficiency and saves campaign money by providing in-house services that would otherwise be done by outside vendors. “The campaign reports all payments to AMMC as required by the FEC. The campaign complies with all campaign finance laws and FEC regulations. “

The Trump campaign is a huge organization. The cycle has raised more than $ 947 million and has thousands of employees.

A few weeks ago Parskell oversaw campaign spending. Parscale was criticized by some Republicans for excluding their own firms and clients from campaign work, but the Trump campaign has defended their spending.

The CLC complaint alleges that the Trump campaign withdrew $ 170 million through AMMC, which it says was used as a “clearinghouse” for payments that would come in handy with friendly political consulting firms or the FEC The payment was made for those who did not register.

The complaint reads, “Firms act as condensates that receive millions of payments from the campaign and distribute money to the campaign’s final vendors, thereby hiding the campaign’s transactions.” ”

“By failing to report payments to the campaign’s true vendors and employees, the Trump campaign and the Trump Make America Great Again Committee have violated, violating federal law’s transparency requirements and reducing the critical public information role Which is intended to serve reporting. “


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