The Washington family lost their home in a wildfire – then all 7 COVED-19s were contracted

A family of seven from Malden, Washington has suffered greatly over the past few weeks because their home was first destroyed by a wildfire – and then all of them contracted coronovirus.

First, wildfires

KREM-TV reported that Matthew and Jessica Graham, along with their five children, lost their homes and everything they owned while on a Labor Day weekend in their small town.

Graham came to meet Jessica’s parents in Idaho when he received word that the house had caught fire. He was informed by a friend that the town library and post office had caught fire and his house was directly in the path of wildfire.

Shortly afterwards, he received the devastating news that his house had been consumed and, moreover, left nothing but dogs and chickens.

“[The friend] Told us it was a total loss, “Matthew said.” It just felt like a bad dream, ”Jessica said.

Overall, 80% of homes in Malden will be on fire.

A family of seven lost everything in the Malden fire. Then, they signed COVID-19


Then, coronovirus

But the family knew that their nightmares were not over yet when they started feeling ill with flu-like symptoms. Later, all seven of them will test positive for COVID-19.

Grahams believes he first contracted the virus from Jessica’s parents and then inadvertently gave it to Matthew’s mother, who had stepped in to see the family’s five children for one afternoon.

He told KREM-TV that he also believed that he had inadvertently infected a family of nine people who had welcomed him to dinner one night.

Jessica said, “It’s a horrible feeling that they have reached out to us and are welcoming us, and we spread them.”

The family is now living in a hotel in Spokane Valley, Washington.

Anything else?

After experiencing symptoms such as fatigue and lack of taste, the family starts recovering from all good health and viruses. But they say their search for a new home has been greatly hampered by the transition.

“At this point, we don’t really have a plan. We have all the questions that lead to more questions, and no answers are found anywhere,” Matthew said.

But the family is hopeful. The support of a GoFundMe campaign for the family has certainly helped. So far, more than $ 20,000 has been raised.

“It’s just amazing, the outspokenness of the community, like people we barely know or we don’t know at all who have reached out and offered to help us, so that part is amazing, just realize it That’s how much support we have, “Jessica said.