The Warriors-Cavs’ meat lights soar under the NBA Finals

OAKLAND – Warriors coach Steve Kerr has a list of principles and rules set for his team, and one of them led directly into a fight that ignited a furious fire under the NBA Finals.

Those boredom thoughts regarding this series are off the table, swept Saturday night by the tumultuous events of Game 1, a moving overtime victory of 124-114 Warriors over the Cavaliers at the Oracle Arena .

The most precarious activity occurred between Draymond Green and Cleveland center Tristan Thompson. who was disgusted enough to move a thick forearm over Shaun Livingston for shooting to shoot when the clock went down and the Warriors led 122-114 with 2.6 seconds left in the game clock.

That forearm in the area of ​​Livingston's armpit resulted in Thompson being whistled for a flagrant foul-2 and ejected by referee Tony Brothers.

Thompson was escorted from the floor and the peace subsequently restored.

"That was a bull —-," Thompson said after The Livingston Shot.

Maybe, but it's also precisely what Steve Kerr trains his players.

"I totally agree," Kerr said. "I'm on a one-man crusade to dispel these NBA ritual idiots." "If there's a clock-shot differential, you shoot the ball." "The game tells you to shoot." If someone gets offended because you "If you play the game of the way the clock and the rules tell you to play, then that is nonsense.

"If the trip clock is off, you turn off the clock," Kerr added. "If the shot clock is on, you take a shot, I do not know why there's some kind of ritual that tells you to stop playing, we're going to shoot, we're not taking a bill, I told our guys that for four years We do not take turnovers at the end of the game, you shoot, and then the other teams the ball and they can finish or whatever they want to do. "

Stephen Curry, who seconds before was involved in a verbal dispute with LeBron James that resulted in James slightly pushing Curry, echoed his coach.

"If there's time on the clock and in the shot clock differential, whatever it is, just play until the end," Curry said. "I do not think we'd agree if someone went down" and finished a possession and got shot "

Curry-James powder was produced after James blocked a Curry tray attempt with 34.1 seconds remaining. Curry shouted and the two continued, with Klay Thompson finally approaching, until James pushed Curry away and they parted.

"I just exchanged words in a good block and I keep moving by my side," Curry said. to happen. "There's going to be talk, we've become very familiar in the last four years, so I think it's kind of part of the game.

" But at the end of the day, it's a lot of nothing. "

] Maybe Curry is right to think that all this will be forgotten by Sunday when the teams meet for Game 2.

But there is a good chance that this will continue, that emotions will shoot up, Curry and James, captains of the All-Star Games opponents does three months, they have entered this before, specifically at the End of 2016.

Thompson and David West have history, going nose to nose in the end of 2017.

And now we have Green-Thompson, with Green basically dancing around the subject.

"I discussed a shot that should not have been taken," said Tristan Thompson, maintaining his position.

"It's what it is, life goes on," Green said. "He got a flagrant-2 for the foul (in Livingston), we moved forward and we prepared for the next game."

That those involved were reluctant to share details about the physical details or the content of the heated conversations we are heading towards where these NBA Finals are headed: tempers will go on, and perhaps hot enough to shed more than sweat.

The code of silence usually presages the possibility of street justice.

"We have history with these guys and it started in Game 1," said Tristan Thompson. "That's what the playoffs are about: hardness, energy, sand, there are only two teams left standing, so anyone who wants to die and fight for that trophy will get it."

Yes, this series is much more interesting, since the NBA Finals 2018, some projected as a cure for insomnia, will have people moving to the edge of their seats.

Game Result / Programming
Game 1 Warriors 124, Cavaliers 114
Game 2 Oakland – Sunday, June 3 at 5 p.m.
Game 3 Cleveland – Wednesday, June 6 at 6 p.m.
Game 4 Cleveland – Friday, June 8 at 6 p.m.
Game 5 Oakland – Monday, June 11 at 6 p.m.
Game 6 Cleveland – Thursday, June 14 at 6 p.m.
Game 7 Oakland – Sunday, June 17 at 5 p.m.

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