The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus tried to keep Daryl’s puppy

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) meets a Highlander’s best friend when he meets a puppy, an animal that Reedus tried to take home during filming. The Walking Dead. Sunday’s episode 1018, “Find Me,” dates back five years prior to season 10, revealing the second year of Daryl’s dogged search for Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). A year after Daryl receives slobbery kisses from the seemingly stray puppy, he meets the dog’s owner: Leah (Lynn Collins). Another six months after that, Daryl learns the dog’s name, Dog, and becomes the new owner of the dog when Leah disappears without a trace almost two years later.

“That dog is my favorite dog flavor. I love German Shepherds, and seeing that when I was a puppy really excited me,” Reedus says in a new behind-the-scenes video, above. “The first thing I said was, ‘Can I have it? Can I have it? Can I have it?’ They’re like, ‘This is our super puppy and you can’t have him.’ I really enjoyed that day. I was looking forward to puppy day. “

Dog first appears in the season 9 episode “Who Are You Now?”, Set six years after Daryl watched Rick blow up a bridge to save his friends and family.

“Up to this point, we thought he spent those six years looking for Rick and that was it,” says executive producer Denise Huth. “But he came back with this dog, and I think we all wonder, ‘Well, where did the dog come from?'”

Adds showrunner Angela Kang: “We always thought, on the writing side, that the dog came from someone with whom he was connected during that time when he was alone.”

Kang says the “Find Me” story is “really important to understanding Daryl,” who has gone ten seasons without a romantic story. Up to now.

“He had this gap in the show where we skipped six years of time, and when we found him, we knew he had been almost like ‘the man from the Daryl Mountains’ living alone in the desert. Kang says. “He was a little connected to our people, but he was actually a little lonely.”

Leah and Dog enter. Reedus spent years harassing the Living Dead producers about giving Daryl a dog, and his wish came true when animal actor Seven, the main dog who plays Dog, became Daryl’s canine companion.

“Norman wanted to help choose the type of dog, so he kept texting me pictures of adorable dogs for weeks,” Kang previously said. Weekly entertainment. “And the two dogs that play dog ​​are great. The main dog, his name is Seven, and he’s so adorable and so great. So it’s really fun to see Norman finally work with the puppy.”

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