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The Voice recap: Season 14, Episode 14

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Here we go! It's the last night of the knockouts, and no, we're not left alone to examine the stragglers tonight. In fact, the last round presents an interesting trend of competitors who are images close to each other, which makes the work of coaches much harder to send someone home. The good news for them is that, thanks to a ransom and a robbery, they do not always have to.

If the decisions are already difficult, imagine how crazy the rest of the season is going to be. be. With two dozens of competitors in the future, we still have a lot of season 14 still ahead of us. For now, let's look at who else is heading to The live rounds of The Voice

Team Alicia: Britton Buchanan vs. Dallas Caroline

Dallas Caroline has been going in the opposite direction to where she should be all season. It began with a blind hearing that was strengthened by the great surprise of the selection of her song, then she barely survived the battles because she was hit with a bad case of nerves and was finally saved by Alicia because of the possibility that it has been a problem All at once, and tonight, well, she proves it was not a stroke of luck that was not picked up the last time. His performance of "Bless the Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts is plagued with tone problems, and his beautiful and penetrating tones do little to redeem the storefront.

Meanwhile, Britton Buchanan is also a surprise tonight, for exactly the opposite reason. His interpretation of Billy Joel's "New York mood" becomes even more mature because of his ability to play it on the piano and still emit a slow-tempered ardor that is garish and effective before he cleverly intensifies the excitement with some grunts of choice and bodywork It does not hurt the potential of your fan to be the bell of Jesse Plemons, and while it may not have a ton of scope to show for itself, its control and balance make it an easy winner for tonight .

Winner : Britton Buchanan
Steal : N / A

Team Kelly: DR King vs. Tish Haynes-Keys

Kelly Clarkson knows he has a pair of powers in D.R. King and Tish Haynes-Keys, so he decided to unite them against each other just for fun (after all, with a save in the back pocket of each coach, they can afford to line up some pairings where nobody really wins or loses). With D.R. King and his performance of "I Know I'm Losing You", a song of Temptations that he has chosen to make the version of Rod Stewart, many things are happening. It reaches the peak of its power quite quickly and practically stays the whole song there. Usually, that's annoying, but he's so into that that the energy is contagious.

The same can be said of the giant performance of Tish Haynes-Keys of "Lady Marmalade". It has a similar amount of spirit and tonal decay, and if the ceiling is still connected to the place, it definitely gives it some stress. mark with this Contrasting them is quite difficult, really, because both can dance, both have voluminous voices, and both are gospel singers by nature. I would give Tish the advantage because he really shows some of his midtones here, although it's already clear that Kelly will not send either of us home tonight.

Winner : D.R. King
Save : Tish Haynes-Keys stays in Team Kelly

Team Blake: Dylan Hartigan vs. Wilkes

Dylan Hartigan became much more interesting. In his blind audition, he seemed to want to move away from his boy-bander roots and into a more folk sphere for his pride. However, there (where he got only one chair spin from Kelly Clarkson) and in his battle (which he lost but was stolen by Blake Shelton), that appeal was really the only thing that helped him overcome. Tonight, he seems to give up in the effort to throw that side of his person and embrace his soft inner singing style, and you know what? It is working for him. Between his vocal control, the fact that he has wisely marked his talent for the show and the melodic tones he plays with, this is a dramatic improvement over everything he has done so far. Well played.

That said … Wilkes. He is intriguing, there is no doubt about it. Tonight, he wisely makes the decision to sing something a little out of his wheelhouse to help extract some of the more subtle aspects of his talent that can be overlooked by a less careful ear than coaches. What works so well for Wilkes is his ability to launch effortlessly amid a series of rock rhythms that sound so beautiful and natural at the same time. This song is a bit quick for him, but he manages to infuse his rock star aesthetic into the pop-drama number without losing any of its authenticity. There is a note at the end that seems to go too high, but instead of trying to correct the course, it simply leans further and sounds weird. He is one of those who must look, and yet, now, so is Dylan. It is a good steal for Kelly to bring him back home with his team, despite being the coach of one, in his words, "club of friends" at this time.

Winner : Wilkes
Steal : Dylan Hartigan for Team Kelly


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