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The viral video imitations of the comedian of his R.I. mom translate through family lines – News – providencejournal.com

The native resident of Seekonk, Linda Limperis, has come to represent a type of family mother for many people on the Internet, thanks to video imitations of her daughter Alyssa Limperis, now an actress and comedian who lives in Los Angeles.

When actress and comedian Alyssa Limperis poses as her mother, Linda, and posts the videos online, many viewers will ask where the family is from.

But those quirks, that accent, those local references, the Dunkin 'on Route 6, the Christmas chaos in Stop & Shop, could only point to one answer.

Linda Limperis is a native of the Rhode Islands.

Through the viral videos of her daughter, the resident of Seekonk, originally from Cranston and a resident of Seekonk, now also represents a type of mother familiar to many people on the Internet. Many, many people: the "mom videos" of Limperis have accumulated millions of visits and have won a legion of fans who respond with things like: That's my mother, except with a southern accent. That's my mom, except in Spanish.

"Not many parents have the opportunity to be part of their children's careers," said Linda, the real one, in an interview. "For me, to see how this race takes off and see its success first hand, I love it".

The Linda Limperis that portrays Alyssa, who wears a wig, is constantly on the move, curious about the neighbors: they are not grilling this year. I wonder if something is happening? – and always trying to charge her daughter with impractical luggage for a train trip. Lentil fangs? Some paper towels? By the way, have you talked to your grandmother recently? She has a haircut.

there is no place like homepic.twitter.com/mrPay05UAk

– Alyssa Limperis (@alyssalimp) May 10, 2018

The result, in a medium such as Twitter that is usually a continuous stream of garbage, is a simultaneous double shot of affection. All in one impression, Alyssa's love for her mother and Linda's love for her daughter shine. The first went viral last year around Mother's Day. They were together in a restaurant when Alyssa's phone exploded. Linda was crying.

Another question that people ask, after wondering where they are from, is if Linda agrees with the videos.

"I film them," said Linda, a former math teacher at Seekonk High School. "I'm feeding your ideas sometimes."

For example, in the most recent video, published a few days before Mother's Day this year, Alyssa-as-Linda buys at Target. Alyssa-as-Linda can not stop talking about these copper cups.

Linda, in an interview, confirmed these reports: "I love these copper things."

The joy of the videos is rooted in pain. A few years ago, Linda's husband, Jim, was diagnosed with brain cancer.

Jim Limperis was a great comedy influence for Alyssa from a young age. They wrote parodies, put together a play and made jokes to Linda. Jim was also romantic: to celebrate the occasion of his wedding in Cranston, he rented a billboard to express his love for her, in Greek. The gesture was big enough to justify a story in The Providence Journal (he also pulled out a poem in the classified section).

"It was incredible," Linda said. "We were just one person."

Jim Limperis died in 2015.

Alyssa, who worked in comedy in New York after attending La Salle Academy and then Middlebury College in Vermont, returned to her native Seekonk when her father became ill. Then, Linda spent time with Alyssa in New York after her husband died.

Linda and Alyssa had always been close, but now they were closer than ever. And after all that time with her mother, Alyssa had a lot of material, such as Linda's reaction to the living conditions in Alyssa's apartment in New York.

"Just to see my mother stupefied:" You must clean this place, "Alyssa said, gliding effortlessly toward" Mom in New York. "

Alyssa gained a valuable perspective when making the videos, especially when the people who see them comment on how lovely her mother looks.

"I felt really angry at the world for not having a father," Alyssa said. "Seeing this, I'm like, I'm very lucky to have such a mother."

Alyssa now resides in Los Angeles, performs shows and auditions, makes videos, her impression of first-year congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is amazing, and she co-presents a podcast called "Crazy; In bed."

So far, "mom videos" have included mom who drives around (who is Seekonk), and mom when she visits her home (her long-time home in Seekonk). There's a mom in Los Angeles (is that Julia Roberts?), Mom at Christmas (we'll take a cruise next year!) And Mom on vacation (who has the insecticide ?!). Alyssa went viral again last week with her opinion on a ranking that claimed that the Boston accent was the second sexiest in the United States.

But there is still a lot of material from the mom, probably enough for a full video of "mom in Rhode Island / Seekonk".

For example, when Alyssa was growing up and attending St. Margaret, her mother would stop at the Crugnale bakery in Rumford to pick up the pizza strips for her, except that Alyssa did not like tomatoes. So Linda would buy the pizza strips and scrape the tomatoes, right in the middle of Crugnale. She had a knife in her car explicitly for this purpose, Alyssa said in a telephone interview from Los Angeles.

In a separate interview, Linda was asked about this anecdote. Is it true that you would go looking for pizza strips for Alyssa and –

"And I would scrape the tomatoes," Linda confirmed. "At Crugnale's house, the lady there came to meet me, she did not care, hey, I paid the same price for it, but I took my tomatoes.

She laughed, then said, with that Cranston accent now familiar to millions of people: "I would literally do anything for Alyssa."

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