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The viral fame of Keaton Jones has been “great” and “horrible”, says his mother

The story of Keaton Jones began so simply during the weekend: Kid makes a video about being bullied. The video goes viral. Kid receives support everywhere, including all kinds of great invitations from famous people in sports and entertainment.

Then it became complicated: there was talk of racism. Accusations of opportunistic and fraudulent fundraising. Even cruel comments on social networks portraying Keaton as the Sloth character of "The Goonies", completing the circle of bullying.

"I knew it could be great, and I knew it could be horrible," Keaton's mother, Kimberly, said on "CBS This Morning" on Tuesday. "And it has been."

On that show and on "Good Morning America", Keaton talked about his experiences since the video went viral on Friday, while Kimberly offered a context to the images of the family with the Confederate flag that were found on his page From Facebook.

Kimberly described the pictures of the flag on CBS as "the only two photos on my entire planet that I am close to a Confederate flag." His publication of August 25 was "ironic, funny and extreme". … ", she said in" GMA "." Really, I'm really sorry. "If I could return it, I would."

Kimberly said: "I spent most of my life being intimidated and judged because I was not racist," he told CBS.

Keaton, meanwhile, told CBS that the video was his idea, one that made him feel he had "achieved something real." Something that could really change the world. "

He had been targeted by five other middle school students, he said.

" I've had enough, "Keaton told CBS." They had said someone was going to beat me up at lunch, so I I sent a text message to my mother and said: "What am I doing here?" She picked him up early from school and made the video in the parked car.

Also on Tuesday, a A New Jersey man who said he did not know the Jones family but started a GoFundMe campaign on behalf of Keaton was offering reimbursements to donors, and those who did not want their money returned said that $ 25,000 would be likely. go to a scholarship fund for Keaton, while the rest could go to Rachel's charity Challenge.

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