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In accordance with the provisions of the bill, which is accessed
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, a husband who resorts to triple instantaneous talaq can be imprisoned for up to three years and fined. The triple instantaneous talaq of any form, whether oral, written or electronic, such as SMS, WhatsApp or email, has been banned and has become a recognizable crime and not subject to bail.

The bill also establishes a subsistence subsidy for the victim and his dependent children and grants him the custody rights of the minor children. "The provision of diets and custody has been made to ensure that, in case the husband asks the wife to leave the house, he should have legal protection and social security, it is a safety net," said a senior official. of the government involved in the preparation of the bill.

In August, the Supreme Court approved a landmark judgment that qualified the triple talaq as illegal and unconstitutional. However, government sources say the data suggest that even after the trial, there have been 66 cases of instant divorce.

The subject of divorce and marriage is included in the concurrent list of the Constitution and the Parliament is empowered to pbad laws in this regard. 19659002] "Following the recommendations of the Sarkaria Commission, the Center has decided to consult the States," said the official.

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