‘The Views’ Meghan McCain faces Sarah Huckabee Sanders over Trump’s McCain insult

See A spicy guest landed on Tuesday for the first episode of its 24th season, when former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders joined five co-hosts to talk about her new book, Speaking for Ourselves: Faith, Freedom, and the Battle of Our Lives Inside the Trump White House.

And it could not have come at a more frightening moment for her former boss.

The first question for Huckabee Sanders went to Meghan McCain, who found herself once again in the midst of the latest Trump scandal after new reporting about the president, including derogatory remarks about the military, including his father, the late Sen. John McCain was.

After explaining that his “first instinct” was to question anonymous sources who reported the AtlanticJeffrey Goldberg said Trump called American soldiers “losers” and “suckers” —and complained that his family “deserved a head” about the article — McCain said: “Like I said before That problem is a pattern of the president. ” The fiery things about people like my father, about people like the Khan family, about people like Colonel Wyndman. ”

“I think if this charge was leveled against another politician anonymously, I think people would second-guess it,” she continued. “But because it’s about someone who has such a record of abusive veterans, people believe it, that’s why I think it’s legs. That’s why I just want your perspective on it and I Want to know if you understand my and other people’s point of view. ”

As he has done before, Huckabee Sanders insisted that he never saw President Trump as respectful to the military. “After spending almost every single day with the President for two and a half years, I can tell you that I first saw the respect and admiration for the President and the men and women of our armed forces.”

In relation to allegations the Atlantic The article, ex-Flax – which once admitted to investigators that he lied to reporters about FBI agents cheering James Comey’s firing – added, “I was one of the few people in the room . I am not an anonymous source. I am going on record and I am saying that it did not happen. This is not who this president is and this is not how he feels about the men and women in our military. ”

Later in the interview, Joey Behar admitted to Hakeby Sanders that he was not standing at the tomb of General John Kelly’s son, when Trump allegedly commented to him, “I can’t find it.” What was in it for them? ”

Finally, McCain insulted his father in President Trump’s years after the interview about various ways to directly confront the SHS.

“The problem is, Sarah, you were serving in the White House when President Trump decided to raise the flag when my father passed away, who was very angry.” “You probably also know that I have spoken on the phone with President Trump in the past about such issues. I think he is aware that not only my family, but the criticism has caused serious harm, because it is not just about my family, but, as I said, about Khans and Colonel Wyndman. . ”

“The problem with the story is that it looks like she will do something,” she continued. “And I don’t doubt that you have experiences and I’ve seen videos with President Trump and the soldiers and their families. But this was not my experience. For those who serve me and my brothers, we do not feel honored. We are a military family that does not feel honored by this president. ”

“I think you have to do the job because you’re his surrogate and you’re his supporter,” McCain concluded. “But at least admit that it is very uncomfortable to have this kind of conversation with me right now.”

“Of course, I have no doubt”, said Huckabee Sanders before describing Trump’s comments about McCain as a simple political rivalry and nothing more.

“There is no denying the fact that not only did Donald Trump dislike your father, your father disliked the president,” she said. “They had some very hot exchanges.”

“I am not saying that there were not some moments that were hot, that were not of the highest level of respect, but when it comes to who this president is in his heart and he is about us men and women. How does it feel? ” Armed services, I can say for my own experience that they have a great level of respect, ”Huckabee Sanders reiterated.

But it was Vopi Goldberg who got the last word on the subject.

“And I can say from my experience that having seen him again and again, I completely disagree with you,” he replied.