The video shows the surgeon removing a 10-inch parasite from the body of the North Korean defector


South Korean doctors and surgeons saved the life of a North Korean deserter by removing bullets and horrible parasites from his body after he fled the Kim Jong Un regime last month, according to a video and a report released on CNN on Tuesday.

South Korean surgeon Lee Cook-Jong showed how his team helped defector Oh Chong Song on November 13 after being shot by North Korean soldiers while escaping the totalitarian regime by crossing the demilitarized zone, or DMZ, which separates the two countries 19659002] Oh, he was transported by helicopter to the University Hospital of Ajou in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, and "unstable" and "dying of low blood pressure" when he arrived, Lee told CNN.

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"It was like a broken jar, we could not get enough blood," Lee said.

The video below details how the surgeons were dedicated to saving Oh's life, including the moment when they removed the parasites beginning at the 1:05 mark. The recording was released with the permission of Oh.

After the 25 minute flight to the hospital, the medical staff spent six hours working on Oh to save their life.

The parasites inside Oh's intestines were discovered during a five-hour surgery to recover the bullets inside his body.

"Everything was stained with blood, but the parasite was basically a really white color and this thick, big, long and very, very hard, this kind of thing was coming out of your intestinal system," Lee said.

Oh, who now recovers well after a second three-hour surgery two days later, had some parasites up to 10 inches inside his intestines. He is in stable but "still serious" condition, and is still fighting tuberculosis and hepatitis B that could disrupt his liver function.

Initially, Oh's name was not released after members of the North's Joint Security Area fired on him as he fled the country through the demilitarized zone last month. The video of his heartbreaking desertion spread throughout the world and prompted the South to warn the North not to fire through the demilitarized zone, which violated the armistice of decades between the two countries.

Oh, who was shot in the elbow, shoulder and chest, is the last defector to flee from Kim's oppressive regime. It is believed that many North Koreans remain in the country against their will, while Kim hopes to maintain control of his regime with threats of war and nuclear attacks against the United States.

Parasites are a species of nematodes that entered the Oh system by eating vegetables that were fertilized with human feces.

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