The video shows an aircraft passenger punch woman in an alleged racial attack

A British passenger did not find it at all easy on a flight to EasyJet, where he was caught in a shocking video throwing a punch atop a companion in a racially charged incident, according to a report.

In the externally laden footage, the man bursts into rage and throws a punch as he lunges at a seat when a woman can be heard saying, ‘I am African. Don’t s-chat about my people, “Surya told.

Other passengers claimed that the woman was defending a friend who had previously been brutally racially abused on a flight from London to Antalya, Turkey.

A flight attendant is heard ordering another airline employee to return to his seat during the freaks before escorting the masked attacker from the plane to the destination.

He is then seen on video sitting in a terminal surrounded by police.

According to the news outlet, after he allegedly flew in ballistics after a passenger threw his son’s paper airplane, the passengers said that the plane was not involved in an earlier incident.

One passenger told The Sun, “About two hours into the flight from Gatwick, most of the flight was disturbed by a commotion behind the plane.”

“It was clearly two big men coming in and making abundant use of the C-word from one of them.”

According to The Sun, an hour after the two split up, the taper flared up again when the man asked to fetch some cash from behind the plane and attacked his initial victim.

The passenger said, “We have come to know from airline employees that the instigator’s son threw a paper plane under the direction of the first victim, which he then scrapped and threw it.”

A shocking moment on a flight from London to Turkey A woman punched a woman in an alleged racist attack.
A shocking moment on a flight from London to Turkey A woman punched a woman in an alleged racist attack.SWNS

The passenger said, “Another hour has passed and we are about to get off when all hell is set loose again.” “Don’t know exactly what it signified but it was the most vile racial abuse directed at a woman of color.

“Another woman of color defended her friend only to meet her with the same edge of abuse that escalated into the violent attack you see in the video,” the passenger said.

An EasyJet representative told The Sun that the passenger had been removed for “disruptive behavior”.

“Such incidents are rare, we take them very seriously, and do not tolerate abusive or threatening behavior,” the spokesperson said.

Airport authorities did not immediately respond to The Sun’s investigation.


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