‘The Venture Brothers.’ Adult swim canceled after 7 seasons

“Venture Brothers.” After seven seasons, Adult Swim has been canceled, producer Christopher McCulloch announced on Twitter on Monday.

McCulloch said that he and the writer were in the midst of writing season 8 when he received the news a few months ago that the show would not return.

“Unfortunately, it’s true: ‘Venture Brothers.” Canceled. We received extremely disappointing news a few months ago while we were writing what happens to be Season 8. We thank our amazing fans for the 17 years of your kindness (and patience). And “As always, we love you,” wrote McCulloch, who uses the pseudonym Jackson Public on the show and on Twitter.

On contact with Diversity, Adult Swim said that he was looking for a way to continue the story with McCulloch and co-writer Doctor Hammer.

“We also want more Venture Brothers and are working with Jackson [Publick] And doctor [Hammer] To find another way to continue the Venture Brothers story, ”Adult Swim said in a statement.

The sources tell Variety One possible avenue for the series to continue would be his move to HBO Max. Sources said that this possibility is being discussed, but is still far from becoming reality.

The show was one of the longest running original series on Adult Swim, having seven seasons in 17 years. The pilot episode aired on Adult Swim in 2003, and the first season premiered in 2004. Fans typically had to wait two and three years between seasons, and the final one expired in 2018.

Adult animated cartoons spoiled many superhero and pop culture tropes, and the main characters were a crack on the “Johnny Quest” crew. The show was followed by the Venture family, who were incompetent teenage brothers Dean and Hank, their insecure scientist father Rusty, their family bodyguard Brock Sampson, and observers such as The Monarch, Dr. The girlfriend was made up of Sergeant Hatred and Phantom Limb.

McCulloch and Hammer voiced several characters, along with Michael Cinterniclas, James Urbaniec, Patrick Warburton, Steven Rattazzi and Dana Snyder.

Urbaniac also called the series farewell on Twitter, calling it a “great gift” of his life.

“So, as everyone should do, the cancellation for ‘The Venture Brothers’ has arrived. The pilot aired 17 years ago, which means the show was almost too old to vote for,” he wrote. “It One of the great gifts of my life and career was. The fans were, simply, the best. Thank you all. Go. Team. Enterprise! ”

Will Thorn contributed to this report.