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The Vega rocket fails after taking off in French Guiana

A rocket carrying a satellite to the United Arab Emirates failed shortly after taking off from French Guiana on Wednesday night, the launch company Arianespace said.

"Approximately two minutes after the takeoff, there was a major anomaly that led to the loss of the mission," said Luce Fabreguettes, director of operations in Kourou, on the northern coast of French territory in South America.

It is the first failure after fourteen successful launches of Vega, Arianespace's lightweight launcher, since they began operations at the Space Center in Guayana in 2012.

"On behalf of Arianespace, I would like to express our sincere apologies to our clients for the loss of their cargo," added Fabreguettes.

The video of the launch showed that the trajectory of the rocket began to deviate after two minutes, then "degraded" significantly, according to Arianespace.

The reason for the failure was not immediately known.

The launch was postponed twice due to strong winds over the spaceport.

Vega was destined to take the FalconEye1 satellite of the UAE to Earth's orbit.

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