The Vatican urges to return to In-Mass as soon as possible

VATICAN CITY (AP) – The Vatican said on Saturday that it was “necessary and necessary” to return to in-person mass once anti-coronavirus measures were allowed.

Cardinal Robert Sara, head of the Vatican’s litigation office, said in a letter to bishops’ conferences that virtual litigation, while useful, were no replacement for the real thing. He said that physical presence by faithful people in churches was “significant, unavoidable, unchanging.”

While some Catholic priests claimed the coronovirus lockdown had led to the closure of churches infringing on religious freedom, Pope Francis has followed Italy’s strict lockdown.

He restrained all public in the Vatican, enlivened his morning litigants during the peak of Italy’s outbreak, and at one point also addressed priests who emphasized the measures of their “juvenile resistance”.

The Vatican said on Saturday that Francis had approved Sarah’s letter to the bishops’ conferences, which clarified that government officials cannot determine litigation practices.

Francis had urged the Catholic faithful to follow anti-COVID measures, stating that government officials were responsible for public health. He was seen wearing a face mask for the first time this week, and has been using hand sanitizers.

In recent weeks Francis has resumed public celebrations and celebrated a handful of public before limited, socially distant groups.


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