‘The US lost control’: US records highest Kovid-19 death in one day World News

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Even as the United States recorded more than 3,900 coronovirus deaths on the same day from the very first day, the mob attack on the US Capitol on Wednesday was one such political division that is hindering the fight against the epidemic Were.

The virus is growing in almost every state, with California being particularly hard hit.

Rising deaths and infections in the state threaten to compel hospitals to take care of ration and essentially decide who lives and who dies.

“Fox is gasping for breath.” The emergency room physician of Santa Clara Valley Regional Medical Center, Drs. “When they are in bed in front of us, they look like drowning,” said Jeffrey Chien.

He urged people to help spread their share. “We are begging everyone to help us because we are not the frontline. We are the last in line,” he said.

According to Johnson Hopkins, around 1.9 million people worldwide have died of more than 360,000 coronoviruses in the US alone, the highest national death on Earth, with the highest number of cases in the world over 21 meters. Coronavirus Research Center.

December was America’s deadliest month yet, and health experts are warning that January may still be more terrible because traveling to family gatherings and holidays while administering the hitherto approved coronavirus vaccines for emergency use in the US is dropped. The federal government’s own goals.

A new, more contagious version of the virus is spreading worldwide and in the US.

In Washington, some Trump supporter rioters were wearing face masks on Wednesday, despite being crowded together for the first time at a rally that the president addressed after attacking the Capitol outside the White House and then in congressional corridors.

Trump has long removed viruses and severed masks, and many of his ardent supporters have followed his example.

“Domestic terrorists provoked the Capitol Police, the way Americans are allowed to exterminate,” said Eric Topol, head of the Scripps Research Translational Institute.

He said: “The US lost control of the Trump-agitated mob and the Trump-play-down pandemic virus.”

Some of the forces that contributed to the eradication of violence on Wednesday were partially foreseen by experts in global disease planning when they held a tabletop exercise in 2019, said Eric Toner, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. Drill was directed. .

“We considered the possibility of active disintegration and using an epidemic for political gain,” Toner said. “Real life turned out to be very bad.”

Its outbreak has been particularly frightening in California, with 459 reported its second-highest number of coronovirus deaths. More than a quarter million new weekly cases were also reported in the state.

Only Arizona tops California in new cases per resident.

Los Angeles County, the nation’s most populous with 10 million residents, and nearly two dozen other counties have essentially moved out of intensive care centers.


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