‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 2: 9 Big Finale Question

this man! What is his deal anyway?
Photo: Christos Kalhoridis / Netflix

Major spoiler ahead for season two Umbrella Academy.

Umbrella Academy Leaves us guessing, right? The season ended with season one with our seven superpowered siblings just before the Earth was destroyed in the apocalypse. In season two, we find out that the Hargreaves family took a leap of time in the early 1960s in Dallas, Texas, where they produced a lot of drama, saving the world from a completely different apocalypse, and one There were also dance-party breaks as per tradition. When you think they have solved all their problems and return it home by 2019, where they set a timeline to prevent the apocalypse from ever happening, in the season finale they learn that His late father, Reginald Hargreaves is now. Alive and, as he informs them, his father is not – in fact, the Umbrella Academy does not exist Surely.

Instead, Reggie built Sparrow Academy, one of its members includes the formerly deceased brother Ben, who is certainly no longer dead, and whoever Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Five, and Vanya had The timeline has obviously been massively disrupted. And as we wait for the news of season-three renewal, that giant cliffhanger isn’t enough to drive us crazy, there are a whole host of other questions Umbrella Academy Leaves us to slack off. Let us discuss some of the most pressing.

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