The ‘UFO’ seen above New Jersey was actually a Goodyear blimp

Believing about an unknown flying object in New Jersey skies on Monday, residents said the aliens were about to beam into the Garden State until it was actually identified as a Goodyear blimp.

The floating witnesses appear on social media with posts showing the iconic blimp, which has a shining spot on it.

“Eyewitness accounts say a body came out of ufo,” @yahnnisse wrote, Noting that Pasik was reportedly seen in New Jersey.

Someone posted a similar video on Instagram, showing that cars seen on Route 21 in North Jersey were pulled together to get a glimpse of space asymmetry.

“There’s UFO ing! Look at that S-T, bro!” Exclaimed the man.

one more Twitter video “New Jersey UFO sightings” more than 555,000 views.

But the naysayers were sharp for debugging supernatural vision – noting that it was nothing more than a flying Goodyear blimp near MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, where the New York Giants beat the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday night in the season opener, 16- Lost 16.


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